TSD 2014
4th Tsinghua Software Day
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The ways from Beijing Railway Station to Tsinghua University:
  • Beijing Railway Station (12.8km) Take subway No.2 to Xi'zhiMen Station and transfer subway No.13 to Wudaokou Station.
  • Beijing West Railway Station (18km) Take bus No.694 to Ming'guangqiao Station and transfer bus No.375 to Beijing Language and Culture University.
  • Beijing South Railway Station (21km) Take subway No.4 to Xi'zhimen and transfer subway No.13 to Wudaokou Station.

  • By Taxi:
    Ask the driver to go to Tsinghua University, east gate (Tsinghua daxue (pronounce "dachue"), dong men).
    Actually, the gate is facing south, so there is a small possibility that the taxi takes you to the wrong gate.

    After you arrive at the East Gate of Tsinghua University, you can see the FIT Building easily. FIT building is the first (most recent) building on your left after Tsinghua's main gate (the East Gate).